Phil Richardson

Keys & Backing Vocals

Phil is a unique musician whom has a huge reputation as a musician and contemporary keyboard player throughout the UK and beyond.

Claypath’s emergence in the music scene provided Phil with the motivation and outlet he needed to explore his creative musical development. Renowned for his distinctive piano arrangements, unassuming musicality and subtlety of taste, Phil is the perfect compliment to Claypath’s unique sound.

Phil has recorded and performed with artists such as Bonnie Tyler, Brooks Williams, Guthrie Govan, Nick Beggs, Paul Elliott, Shaun Baxter, Lorraine Crosby, and Frith Street.

Phil also spent some time in Australia where he recorded in studios such as Sundown studios and Crank studios in Perth as a session musician on some of WA’s best music, alongside some of the finest Australian musicians. He also joined the brilliant Helen Townsend and The Wayward Hearts, performing at numerous venues and festivals. He became a much-loved member of the Freo music community performing with Alexia Parenzee, Dilip Parekh, Mikey Long, Gav Brown, Ella Therese amongst many others.

Whilst fully committed to life as a professional musician, Phil also played a pivotal role in the development of local musicians. He is a highly respected teacher, programme leader, curriculum manager and developer of music curricula.

Phil is very much looking forward to getting his teeth into writing the new Claypath
album. Much has happened since Antidotes and Anecdotes and so there shouldn’t be any shortage of fresh material.